I grew up on the Jersey Shore. It was there that I first studied dance and began my journey as a student of yoga. In high school, my friends and I would spend our weekends in Asbury Park— the birthplace of Bruce Springsteen's career. Asbury is the city I'd consider home now, as it's where my passion for the arts continued to blossom. I now study in Boston, but when I'm not in school I split my time between Jersey and NYC. I love the beach, reading, dancing, and creating. My talents include trying my best to keep house plants healthy and pretending I can play more than two chords on the guitar. I'd really love to learn to play the bass and join a band, so stay tuned!

I've spent the majority of my life studying dance, and in December of 2019, I became a certified yoga instructor. Most recently I participated in a continuing education program and became a trauma-informed teacher. I love sharing the joy of movement with others and am devoted to constantly learning, growing, and evolving.